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Who is paying the real estate agents?


It is typical in our area for the buyers agent to be paid by the seller. Through a commission split with the listing agent. However some do have additional fees. Best thing for you to do is to contact a few agents they will be glad to meet with you and explain the process of buying a home and their fees. Just remember you are hiring them to preform a very important job for you. So ask a lot of questions get referrals from them. Then choose who you are most comfortable with. Best

Looking for answers


Good advise from wetdawgs, start by speaking with your lender. The paramters of a loan for an investment property are somewhat different than a mortgage for your primary residence. Usually requires a higher percent down and typically a higher interst rate will apply.

what is the total cost for the seller when selling a home


As the others have stated it will vary by location and type of property. Would be best to contact a local agent and they will get you an estimate of all closing costs and give you a good idea of what your net procedes will be.

Should finished basement be in in total sq ft of house?


No finished basement should not be included in the total living space. Only the square footage above grade is considered to be part of the total in Pa.The finished base does however ad value and should be noted in the marketing of the home.

Will undercutting door jambs hurt home value?


The undercutting of the jambs should not hurt your value at all as long as done correctly. neat and clean so to speak. This is a standard practice of most floor installers to get a proper finished look.Laminate is most likely your best bet for affordable flooring, other than carpet.

Should you remodel existin home or buy a new home?


That is a tough question, may be best to consult a local Realtor. They can help you with this decision. He/She can advise you as to your return on investment on current home with improvements and without. Also asisit with what is currently on the market in your price range that maybe move in ready with the type of upgrades your looking for already done.