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09/04/2013 - user67725538
Property managed a home I own. Haines City, FL

Yarmmys has been my property manager for two months. She does not respond to emails or phone calls. I have had two errors due to my rent because of her. The reason I have contacted her multiple times is because I want to make sure she is getting my money and was misinformed on how to pay the second months rent! I wanted these issues resolved before I received a late fee!

When I attempted to contact her the first time I never received a response until four days later. The second issue with rent was ridiculous and I wanted to make sure that my emails and phone calls were being received to avoid fees. I sent multiple emails and multiple calls because she never responds! Her boss had to contact us and resolved the problem within 15 minutes on the phone!

I'm assuming that she is now "mad" because I have called her out on the fact that she doesn't return phone calls and has threatened me because I sent multiple emails to her. duh I'm going to send multiple emails! SHE DOESN'T RESPOND! I have thought she was dead on several occasions! Of course I will send multiple emails if I don't receive a response! Her friend Shima also doesn't know how to answer questions, but she is the only one that responds to me at the company besides the brokers and I'm thankful to her for that.

Do not use her as a property manager. She is unprofessional and rude. She needs to learn how to communicate with her customers and admit to mistakes. I question if this woman even works during the day.....?! I know I'm not the only person with this issue from her!
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