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how do I find iout which agent has sold/ has the most experience w malden ma


Not sure why that is a big factor for you.  I've sold homes in 1 day and both were within my Rookie year as an agent!  Many agents work as teams where several agents work under one person's name; are they giving you stats for the group, not each person.  An agent with many years of experience may just have such a large referral business that they had better be selling lots of listings!  I think what you might consider is who are the agents you can best work with?  You are entrusting the largest financial investment of your life to someone who will be intimately connected with your family for a period of time.  Find someone you can honestly communicate with, who listens to you, who thinks creatively, markets strategically, is willing to put forth a maximum effort, who is accessible and accountable.  Ask friends and relatives for good experiences, then meet the agent and go with your gut.  If you are not located in my Metro area (Anne Arundel County, MD) please allow me to assist with my national network of proven agents for a referral.   Best of luck!  For all your Real Estate needs, ask an expert....ask Amy!

What is "make me move"?


Make me move allows potential Sellers to feel out the market.  If they are afraid that their house won't net what they want or need, they don't want to go through the hassle of preparing it for market and living through months of showings.  Unfortunately, there are so many factors and costs involved with selling a home that an arbitrary number is not the whole story.  While it can be a lot of fun to track your property this way, get together with an experienced Realtor who knows you and your community for a realistic picture of your home's value.  The market is changing daily and you need to stay on top of the dynamics to know if this is the time to move on.

Are Open House Good for All?


Open houses are a little like buying a lottery ticket; your odds of getting an offer are small but they are zero if you don't play!  If a Seller would like to showcase their home this way then why not?  I think that Broker's opens or agent tours might have more success as it gives the Seller several professional opinions of the price and condition as well as generates excitement for a property that may not exist just scrolling through the MLS.  In short, in some markets they are a waste of time, in some they are imperative.  It is between Seller and their agent to decide what works best for all.  You need to be able to have a frank, open conversation with your agent to express your expectations and determine their willingness to work with you.