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Chief Marketing Officer at Zillow.
I moved to Seattle from San Francisco in 2005 to be part of the pre-launch team at Zillow and it's been an incredible, fast-paced several years. It's so exciting to come to work every day and be part of an ambitious quest to revolutionize the way people search and find real estate information, and to help real estate professionals connect with buyers, sellers, refinancers and renters.

In between all of this, in the last 8 years I managed to get married, buy a house in Seattle we love, have a son, update the house we love, refinance, have a daughter, buy a new house that needed lots of love, remodel the new house, sell the old house, refinance and take a breath. A love affair with homes never ends...

Follow me on Twitter: @AmyBo

If you're a real estate professional looking to learn more about how to promote yourself on Zillow, contact our sales team by calling 866-324-4005.

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