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AmyBrick wrote:

Have you seeing any changes in the Real Estate Market this year?

In Southern California, particulary Los Angeles County the market is HOT!  Multiple offers on all reasonably priced homes.  We are seeing homes selling in fewer than 10 days, at above appraised amount! :) :)
January 22 2013

Seller wants to see approval letter from buyers lender, sellers broker said no, is this correct?

I agree with the last person who posted.  I am a Broker in California, and we don't present offers until we have a letter in hand (actually, more than a letter, we have a Desktop Underwriting Approval).  Our contracts states that the letter will be given with in a matter of days.  Again, I believe the best practice is to  have the approval in hand from the get go.  I'm sorry you're dealing with this.   In California, we give a "Buyers Notice to Perform", this gives the buyer constructive notice when we need something done.  I would suggest that the Broker who is representing you gives one to the buyer's agent, that would state buyer to have approval with in 72 hours or deal is cancelled.  Good Luck!
October 24 2011

Get Real Estate License To Sell My Own Home?

I would echo what most everyone else is saying, it's not worth the time and eeffort to get a license. More importantly,I wouldn't sell my house myself, even if you don't need a license.  It is very rare that a buyer is going to want to deal with a seller directly.  Not only are agents helpful because we ddo this everyday, but we also act as buffers.  Seller to seller deals can get uunnecessarily emotional and complicated. 
September 26 2011

Buying from the bank of through the selling agency?

I have to agree with the other agents.  You have to go through the listing agent and negotiate that way. 
March 31 2009