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Is it best to use the listing real estate agent to buy a house or have your own real estate agent?


The seller is paying both agents: listing agent,( who is representing the seller and is interested to support seller's best interest, selling his home for  highest price) and buyer's agent, who is paid by the seller but doesn't have fiduciary obligations toward the seller, he has to represent the buyer and help him get the home for as low as possible, and to make sure the buyer didn't left money on the table. So,you, as a buyer don't pay the agent , you have the right to have the benefit of a full representation at no want your own agent who would represent your best interest,and who is able to negotiate the best price for you, an agent you can trust for competence and integrity.Contact me, I would be happy to meet you and talk about your wants and needs, and find the best strategy to accomplish your goals.Looking forward to hear from you