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04/06/2012 - user9597129
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 in Olentangy, Lewis Center, OH.

I just purchased my first home around a month ago and the process was a fantastic experience thanks to Andrew's guidance. When I first started the home-buying process I had very little knowledge about what it took to buy a home. From the very beginning of my search all the way through closing, Andrew was there to support me and provide advice every step of the way. Even after closing, when other agents would have been long gone with their commission in hand, Andrew continued to spend his time helping me, staying with me for however long it took to get my problems solved and my questions answered. And trust me: there WILL be problems. No agent can prevent you from having bumps in the road. The home-buying process will always have exciting moments as well as disappointing moments. The difference with Andrew is that he has the experience and insight to help you mitigate the negative impact of the disappointing moments and come out of them successfully. For example, in my situation, I had to decide how large I wanted my offer to be on a house that I REALLY wanted. Naturally, Andrew did a thorough analysis of the home and its neighborhood. After that, he presented my options to me very clearly: I could either 1) make my offer low and create a high-risk/high-reward situation for myself, or I could 2) go a safer route and make my offer higher. This second option would increase my chances to get the house, but could also mean that I pay a bit more money in return for the lower risk. In addition, Andrew made it VERY clear that even if I chose the lower-risk option, I could still lose the house if the seller accepts a higher offer from another buyer. Since I really wanted this house, I went with the lower-risk option. Once it came time to find out if I got the house, I was quite disappointed to be informed that I was outbid by another buyer. This did indeed disappoint me. But because Andrew honestly informed me of possible disappointment beforehand, I was able to emotionally prepare for this situation and quickly move on with the rest of the buying process.

Speaking of the rest of the process…

A few days later, I began viewing listings of other homes. Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I looked on the display to see that it was Andrew. Curious to know why he was calling, I proceeded to answer. When he told me why he was calling, my jaw dropped: He was very delighted to inform me that I could now buy the home that I had previously lost! It turned out that the buyer who made the highest offer did not have the proper financing and fell through. Since my offer was the second highest, I became the new “winning” buyer! Hence, this whole time, Andrew’s thorough financial analysis of the home’s value allowed me to make the perfect offer and obtain the home that I wanted most. I’m typing this review right now from that very home (now MY home!) and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with how everything turned out.

Andrew even saved me money during my closing when he noticed an error in the title company’s financial bookkeeping. As a result, that day, I walked out of closing with a check in my hand! I think this is a testament to how much care and detail Andrew puts into his work. He could have easily skimmed those financial papers for five minutes and said “Looks good to me.” But instead, he went the extra mile for me, his client, and saved me money by making sure every ‘t’ was crossed and every ‘i’ was dotted. He did this even though there was no financial benefit for him. That’s the sign of a truly excellent buyer’s agent.

In summary, I recommend Andrew because he’s with you every step of the way, he answers all of your questions, he has a high level of industry experience, he explains ALL of your options, and he goes the extra mile for YOU, his client. Based on my own gratification, I can say with complete confidence that if you choose Andrew as your agent, you will be completely satisfied with your home-buying experience.

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01/14/2011 - darrenfalk
Bought a Single Family home in 2006 for approximately $250K in West Albany, Westerville, OH.

Andy helped my wife and me purchase our first house in 2006. He was thorough, caring, attentive to detail, made great suggestions and did everything possible to help us find the home that fit us the best.

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