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can i find a home with in-law


I was able to find many options. If you are working with a Realtor, he/she can too. If not, depending on area, I can help you or refer you to a Realtor who can.

First time home buyer. Where do I start?


I'm a little surprised by some of the responses... I would talk with friends/family who have bought homes in the recent year or two. People who you trust.  Tell them what you are thinking about and get their ideas.  I would ask about the process and also about specific Realtors, lenders, and attorneys. Self education is a good thing, so I'm sure you are scouring the internet too.  Make a list of the things that are important to you and how long you plan to stay, where you work, what you do in leisure, where your friends are, family plans, career plans, etc.  Describe your life-style.  This is for you to clarify but also to provide to those that are assisting you.Depending on your situation, you may or may not know even where you are planning to buy.  If you do, drive around the neighborhood a bit and make sure.  Ask a few people what they think, ask about schools (important for resale even if not your need)  and ask for referrals to a great Realtor.  I agree that finding a good buyer's Realtor is pretty important. I think it is more important to find a trustworthy Realtor than one that knows the area that you can't really trust, but some combination would be ideal. I believe the Realtor should refer the attorney and even the mortgage person.  Not to say you shouldn't verify that the rates/fees are very competitive because that would be a factor in qualifying the Realtor too; but I believe it is important for the three parties to work well together in the process.   Be aware that some Real estate brokerages have their own lenders in-house.  Be more careful to check those rates in that situation to make sure you aren't paying more for the "convenience".I would recommend that as a buyer you try to work with one Realtor and if you're not happy with him/her, fire them and find another.  If a Realtor knows you are loyal, they will be more likely to work hard for you, otherwise you get whatever information is at the top of their heads, or whatever they can easily provide.Keep positive and keep your true goals in mind so you don't get caught up in that "Deal" that your family won't meet your goals.Remember to weigh LOCATION heavily in any decisions. Good Luck!