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housing swap


I would recommend you get your home on the market immediately.  Summer is the best time to sell.  You can also get a 'feel' for what you might buy at this time, but don't get your heart set on anything until your house is sold.  That's the hard part!   There is also a possibility of selling your home contingent on your finding a suitable property within a certain time frame.  That might give you the time to assure you find the home to buy before committing 100% to the sale, but I must say that most buyers will not like that stipulation and I would seriously weigh the negative impression that might make before doing that.   Best to know the market and be ready to pounce once your house is sold.  Price it right, right away.  Don't play games because the first few weeks/month is the best opportunity to sell at the highest price!

What happen to the zestimate tool? I am unalbe to input an address to get an zestimate?


That is interesting:  I get results for both addresses.,-Decatur,-Ga-30034_rb/and,-Chicago,-IL-60616_rb/Although I am not a technician (I'm a Realtor), I would probably suggest that you delete you browser history which is found in internet explorer under Tools/Internet Options on the General tab.  Make sure to select the option for Deleting browser cache.  Then you can try your search again.  If you have any other browers (firefox, etc), you could try that as well.  I bet one of these will fix the problem.  Let me know please!

how do i find the value of my house?


Did you try typing your address in the 'Find Homes' box?  It should bring up a map of your street with zestimates for each property.  If you don't see one for your property but you do see one for others near you, click on your property to see the details.  Zestimates are available based on Tax records, so if your whole neighborhood does not have zestimates, you might be in one of those few townships that doesn't report them.  Please reply to assure that you found what you wanted, or give your address so we can look into it.  Cheers!

Advice on buying a co-op


I agree with Philip to a great extent, but let's face it, every property has it's price.  If you are considering this as your home for an extended length of time and not trying to sell within the next several years, AND if the price is extremely favorable, you might consider a coop if you can finance it or pay cash.  When buying a coop, you are not buying Real property.  I'd advise that you find a Realtor that is extremely familiar with the area and take their input as far as pricing and then go lower yet!  I'd also locate a good attorney to represent you, and I'd find them now, so you can ask these important questions of your own council, not just over the internet.  You should also consult your accountant to gain advise because the interest and taxes may not be deductable in the same manner.IMO, If you are a normal buyer looking for a home for next next few years, and there are other options at similar prices, do not go with the coop!If you need assistance in referrals, please feel free to contact me.Good Luck in your decisions!

how long does it take for you to fix mistakes ?


It is my understanding that Zillow continues to update information as it comes in from the Tax records.  If there are specific errors in the property detail (number of bedrooms, etc) and you are the owner and you have not listed the property for sale by a Realtor, you can update those by choosing Edit and then editing the ddetails.  There are other options there too including the fact that you can put your own estimate of value there.   Generally speaking it is a good indication when your Zestimate is low because it means your tax assessment is probably low too!  Nobody should use Zestimates as an appraisal of value.  They are a 'fun' relative scale that prospective buyers should not take seriously.