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how can i find house value in 2008?


It looks like it has been listed for sale since prior to that date.  It was always too high but at that time it was listed at $434,000 to $449,900 and it had various realtors over the years so they probably thought it was worth that kind of money (maybe 6-8% less). Looks like you did fine on your purchase compared to that!

what happens if you buy a foreclosed home


Sometimes you are happy, sometimes you are not. The sale is final just like any normal sale. Find yourself a good Realtor to assist you and you will be more likely to be happy.

Hi- I'm looking to buy my first home in the Chicago area soon. Any advice for where/how to start?


Lot's of things.  If you know of a specific area or suburb of Chicago that you are interested in, you should contact a Realtor that is strong in that area.  If not, you need someone that is familiar with the region and can show you or refer you to appropriate agents, etc.  Work with a Buyer's agent to make sure your interests are covered and that someone is looking for things for you while you are out of town too. That Realtor should also get you in touch with local lenders, etc. Aside from this, talk with people you know in town to get some opinions.  It may be friends/family, or people where you will be working, but let people know that you are interested and you will get valuable insights.

If u buy a townhouse thts for rent and the renters aprove do the people have to move out?


Normally the property is sold subject to existing leases. That means the renter probably has the right to finish their lease. Find out from the owner when the lease is up. (You should have an experienced realtor or attorney representing you). Also ask the seller if the lease can be terminated before closing. Then determine whether you can buy the property and live with the lease, or make your bid require that the seller resolve the issue (terminate the lease) and deliver the property vacant. Do not contact the tenant without the current owner's permission. You don't want the tenant to be working against you. These issues can many times be resolved amicably but each party does have. Legal rights and obligations.

Is it safe to buy a house that backs into the field?


It depends on if it is careful to watch where it is going!  :) No Realtor can comment on safety of a situation or neighborhood.  What I'd suggest is that you ask neighbors if they feel safe.  You could also go there at different times of day and evening and see how you feel.  Most people seem to like an unobstructed view, but it depends on your family.  If you question it still after visiting, you probably shouldn't buy it because you certainly need to feel safe in your own home.Good Luck.

Newbies here and we need help on where to begin.


I would say that you should talk with a Realtor in the area(s) that you are considering, and also talk with friends for referrals to Mortgage lenders.  If you haven't already, get your finances in order and ask what documentation you will need up front because you don't want to be scrambling for it when the home is in jeopardy. If you know people where you are moving, they may know of a good Realtor to recommend or contact a good Realtor in any area and ask them to refer a good agent in the area you are looking.  Most of us have networks of good agents that work in other areas.  If not, use resources such as Zillow to find well rated Realtors. The Realtor will also have lenders to talk with but you are free to use a lender of your choosing.You might also seek advise from a family member or friend/collegue that has recently gone through a home purchase.  Until you find a mortgage and Realtor team that you trust, you can bounce questions off of that person.That's all you really need to get started.  The Realtor should guide you through the process.  Enjoy this exciting time of life!!  Feel free to ask questions.