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Don't Wait Too Long To Take Advantage of Low Prices

What comes down must go up. If you are willing and financially able to purchase, please don't wait for the robins to come out for good weather, because spring will be over before you can blink you eyes. This is a time to take advantage of rates and the low payments that come with having the ability to afford more house or square footage. Seek a professional agent, we are very helpful in negoiating prices and will hold your hand every step of the way.

Why CMA's are vital to the market value of your home.

Sites that are marketing buyers and sellers have very good information as if relates to the real estate industry, however in order to get a fair market value you must ask a real estate professional to compare apples to apples, meaning your home to others alike and determine what the prices are based on those apples. Guessing and going on websites will not tell you the fair market value nor will it prepare you for dips or spikes in the market daily.