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How can our house [200 ft larger & has more upgrades then our neighbors} be estimated $30K less?


 Faye, 'Zestimates' are not to be taken seriously.  As a professional and practicing Realtor I find these Zillow representations of market value and pricing, especially in our neighborhoods, to be wildly inaccurate due to how they use property tax records as an element in their formula to suggest property values.  Also, you can not accurately suggest values, "virtually" without having been inside a property, walked the lot and done the discovery necessary to give an accurate opinion.  It's not possible.  Zillow is not meant to be a replacement for a professional who knows your neighborhood and should not be proffered as a professional opinion as compared to a CMA "Comparative Market Analysis" done by a licensed and practicing Realtor with explicit, local knowledge of your market, neighborhood and location.  Schools, neighborhoods, and  the physical property condition all contribute to an accurate professional opinion and can not be done remotely.  Using current property tax records as an element in establishing value has nothing to do with the pricing of a home, which is where Zillow get's confused.  Good luck and call a professional to get a real value "opinion" for your home.  Good luck!

Can a hidden second mortgage stop the sale of my house ?


A couple of items to consider.  When there is a "cloud" on title, the Title Insurance company has responsibility for researching and assisting you in cleaning this up.  It could also be that there was no, "Deed of Reconveyence" issued on the second, and that the lien has been paid off. This can get sticky, but there is remedy, again with the title company.  I agree with the other agents that you remedy is through Title Copmpany.  I am surprised that a recorded lien was transferred to you.