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How do I advertise a house for sale?

Hello, you can get really creative when advertising your home. There are free sites you can market your home on internet sites such as Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Postlets & more. If you choose to hold an open house, you can also market the dates on the above sites. In your open house, its good to register the guest, have a list of all the features of your home for example central air/heat or dual pane windows etc. Also I recommend de-personalizing it by taking down any personal/ family pics, clutter free, and possibly staging it. You don't necessarily have to buy new things to stage but you can get creative with some of the pieces you already have. In my opinion, less is more. As well turn on all lights in home. A good idea is find a local builder and look at some models homes to get some ideas on how to stage and show a home. Good Luck to you!
June 15 2013