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Can my hubby get a FHA loan with FICO score of 606?


Yes, your hubby's credit score does qualify him for a FHA mortgage. Lenders like myself allows for FHA mortgages down to 580 FICO, with only 3.5% down payment. Please reach out to me or a lender myself to get the process started. Many of us also specializes in dealing with 1st time homebuyers.

Down payment on a home.


Reasonable depends on what you are comfortable with below is a list of minimum down payments for loan programs. Good luck.Conv. 5%FHA 3.5%VA 0%USDA 0%Fannie MyCommunity 3%

mortgage insurance premium advise


I can't say that it is a scam, however I can say that if you are doing an FHA you will be required to have MIP on that loan period. Should they move you to a conventioal mortgage you would need to be at a 80% LTV or lower to avoid PMI. My advice is to get more info about the proposed program and question him about the details of this product and ask to speak to a manager there. Should you need any other assistance reach out to another lender like myself and we will be happy to advise you,

When will I be eligible for another FHA loan


FHA new guidelines allow for you to be eligible for a FHA one out of a BK or foreclosure, as long as you meet the extenuating circumstance guideline, such as income loss, etc, There are many lenders like myself that have already implemented these new guidelines into our underwriting. Good luck.