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Anthony Raffin wrote:

Is it normal to hate Realtors®?

This is just like saying all apples in the barrel are bad......... When choosing a Realtor, make sure you interview them , just like you would interview an attorney, Doctor, or any other professional you might hire, look for an agent that is all about the relationship and not the deal, its a long term relationship since people more on average of every 7 to 10 years. Therefore you need to look deeper into the relationship that you will have, I always go above and beyond the call of duty and dont care if its a $40K home or $400K home the buyer/seller is still treated the same way, with white gloves, because its not about a commision its about making sure they are happy with the choices that they made and you helped them make it!
May 01 2013

Any one know of banks that offer 203k loans in southeastern Michigan?

Bank of AMerica, WELLS FARGO .... Both have done well with me.
May 01 2013