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What expect from the bank after a short sale?

My short sale was successfully completed and approved. the house was sold. The Bank agree to the sale and said it not asking the rest. was a good deal for us. My question is: What now expect from a bank  some document or anything else?

Is this true?

Is this true .... That Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act is being extended for another year more?

how put my home on short sale?

what are the steps to follow for a short sale? what kind of company should I contact?How long does the process take? Thanks for the info.

if I have any option to purchase without having to stop paying my house?

I have  a house that i not want to let..Is located in Maricopa,Az.But my job is in another state,Itravel every week and is very far from the airport ,I looked houses in the Ahwatukee area by proximity and that my children are studying in this area.I want to known if I can to buy a house $150000  and my income is $55000 yearly,my actual expenses are $2500 month  my credit is good. My question is if I have any option to purchase with zero o low down  payment without to stop paying my house? I like to keep and rent. Thanks for your responses.