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Grove City, Ohio and Holt Park

I'm thinking about purchasing a house in the Holt Park subdivision in Grove City, Ohio 43123. Does anyone have any information about this subdivision... good or bad? Any information would be greatly appreciated. My husband have driven through the area a couple of times and are looking at some houses tomorrow.

Will the housing market bottom out after the tax credit is over?

My husband and I are considering buying a house in a suburb near Columbus, OH. There is not much time left to claim the $8000 tax credit and the Rural Development loan money is about to run out as well. We have yet to find a house that we want to buy, so it is very likely that we will not be buying a house until after the credit is over. Does anyone have any thoughts or expertise on what will happen to the housing market once the option to claim the tax credit is over? Do you think that housing prices will dip lower than they are already?I'm just wondering if there would be a benefit to waiting until the tax credit has ended. Again I am from the Columbus, Ohio area.Thanks!!!

What to bid on a HUD home in Ohio...

We are considering bidding on a HUD home in Ashville, Ohio near Columbus. The home is listed at $142,000 and is in excellent condition. One of the best HUD homes I have seen and we have been lookin for a long time! Can anyone give advice about offers on HUD homes? If they are in good condition do they usually go over the asking price? I just want to make sure we are making a smart offer. Sincerely,Trying to find the answers....