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C.H. (Chouaib) Naamad wrote:

MID (Mortgage Interest Deduction) is Under Attack Again in Next Budget Proposal
What do you think??? good idea for a faux-pas by the administration????
February 16 2011
Did you know: 3 ways to avoid legal trouble dealing with REOs????
Please read full article in link below:3 Ways to Avoid Legal Trouble Dealing With REOs
January 07 2011
Will Foreclosures take a Big Chunk of the real estate market in 2011??
Many of my buyers are interested in Foreclosures ONLY!!! is it worth it to go through the hassle of buying foreclosures still??
January 05 2011

Does Zillow provide information on actual sales as opposed to just listings?

Yes, it does. Do to where you put the address, and look under that field where there is a menu line: look to the left and click on " Sold Homes:good luck!
December 30 2010
What is the BEST day for extra mortgage payments???
best day for extra mortgage paymentI though this is interesting read to answer this question: best,
December 28 2010
Do you want to know why 2010 was a year of contrasts in real estate??
Please read full article link bellow!!Why 2010 was a year of contrasts in real estate?
December 28 2010
Will 2011 be a good year to buy a home???
Please read article with 5 reasons to buy a home in 2011:5 reasons to buy a home in 2011
December 27 2010
Scams and Fraud!!! How many people are being approached by "foreign" supposedly buyers??
I have been repeatedly contacted by scam artists pretending to buy Real Estate!! it seems the only thing they are interested in is HOW to mail you a check and then ask for some sort of refund after!!!Please be careful out there!!
December 22 2010
Freddie Mac Suggests that 2011 will be a much better year for Real Estate!!
See Complete article: ... ng-marketKind Regards, C.H. NaamadBroker, Boston Luxury Residential Group[contact info removed by moderator]
December 12 2010
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