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Duplicate House

I created a house when I bought my new construction in 2009 because it didn't yet exist.  Now there is a record of it, but separate from the one I created.  Can I get them merged, or have the one without county data deleted?

you must be tired of renting by now?


if this isn't near the bottom of the real estate market what would a bottom look like?Interest rates would be in the double digits.  The government wouldn't be bribing people to buy houses.  The FHA wouldn't account for 95% of loans.

2008 tax credit


I also got this tax credit and I think it's terrible that we have to pay it back while '09 and '10 don't.I think it's terrible that any of them existed at all (and I got the one you don't pay back.)  Enjoy your interest-free loan.

Can we negotiate the Interest Rate and terms provided in GFE? Is my acknowledgement binding?


Depends what the contract says.  It could either be something that says you have to secure financing with someone before they'll build it, or it could be something to get you to go with their lender specifically.If it's the latter, weigh any incentives they're offering you for doing so against the difference vs. market rates.  And don't think you'll be able to refi later.  The Fed can lose their grip on interest rates at any time now.