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Buying a house with an unpermitted fireplaace


Again we dont mind buying the house with a fireplace that inst usable.  It is more about getting the loan.  With the fireplace as is we cannot.  We are just looking for easy options to present to the seller to solve this problem.As for looking for another house with less baggage...we never stopped looking.

Buying a house with an unpermitted fireplaace

My fiancee and I are very interested in buying a house in San Diego, CA but it has an unpermitted fireplace that was built in the 80s.  Obviously our loan wont let us buy a house like this so we am looking for advice on how to proceed.  Can you just cover up the fireplace?  If it is well built then how hard would it be to get in permitted?  How much would that cost and how long would it take?We really dont care for the fireplace and would probably cover/take out eventually anyways.Any input is appreciated.