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does zillow list pre-foreclosures?


No, Zillow does not, but if the home is listed by an agent as a Short Sale, that would be a pre-foreclosure. For a complete list of homes in "default", it is best found using or a similar website. They will charge a monthly fee but although the results will bear what you search, that does not mean they will be for sale... Sometimes, it is best to contact a local realtor and ask them for a list of foreclosures in your area within a specific price range! There's no charge for that! Hope that helps...

how do you go about doing a short sell


Step 1: Always contact your lender. As I read your question it appears you have not missed any payments and they may work out a payment plan lowering your payment. Unfortunately, by the time they do all the paperwork it may be too late. Your lender may approve the short sale or a "deed in lieu". Since this is not your primary residence, there will most likely be tax consequences either way. Be sure to ask in advance!

Are we really stuck?


Quick comment. Really hard to get lending information on a real estate focused site. I know the 2 are related but lenders are not usually looking here to help (go figure). I suggest trying or something similar but calling a loan broker or a bank should be able to assist you. You sound like you have a high "loan to value" rate but ask about the "Making Home Affordable Plan".

Home Value Question


Not sure who you are addressing this to. Be sure you use email for communication to your agent. You really should not use Zillow to determine a selling price value. A CMA or appraisal are the best tools as value will not change as quickly as they do on Zillow.

Why are properties listed as For Sale on other websites not listed as For Sale on


Consider the internet like a spiderweb. They gather information from one another. Sometimes, this information is not updated as quickly by some sites as it is others. Using the computer is a good first step for finding home prices for different areas but when you are really looking for a home, contact a real estate agent as they can provide you a list of homes that is updated each day. A well priced home, will often be sold by the time it shows up on many websites... I have clients that ask about something they see for sale online that is actually pending, back-up or sold!