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BS_Shane wrote:

WHY are Zillow's TAX & INSURANCE Estimates SO WRONG???
I regularly track 2 CA properties.  Zillow's Monthly Estimates of both RE Taxes and Insurance are grossly wrong!  Why?RE TAXES:  Zillow's monthly estimates DO NOT REFLECT either CURRENT RE Taxes, NOR the 1% of Valuation (per CA's Prop 13) a buyer would pay!!!!!"Homeowners' Insurance"  Zillow estimates $78/mo for BOTH a $1.5mm AND a $7.7MM home!  That's IMPOSSIBLE!  Plus "Homeowners" is incorrect and useless.  To wit:  THREE insurance policies protect our home:::  Fire & Casualty (protects the bldg, most expensive!); Homeowners (protects belongings, clothes, furniture...); and Excess Liability.  Again, it's IMPOSSIBLE $1.6mm & $7.7mm properties pay the SAME insurance!!!  Zillow's sloppy errors & ignorance is doing many a disservice.  You corrected the RE Tax issue once, then slid back.Why so sloppy, WRONG?
May 16 2013
WHY are Zillow's RE Tax & Insurance Estimates SO WRONG -- in SF, CA???
RE Taxes are governed by *constant* CA State Law! But Zillow's RE Tax estimates fluxuate wildly!  Why?-----------"Homeowners' Insurance??????"   HUH?????We have THREE Insurance policies covering our Bldg/Home:  FIRE/CATASTROPHE (most expensive), HOMEOWNERS (protects PERSONAL PROPERTY + some liability), EXTRA LIABILITY.  IOW, Zillow UNDERESTIMATES MONTHLY "Insurance Costs" by ~70%!  AND Zillow's MONTHLY RE Tax estimates are WAY OFF and fluctuate!WHY???  Why are you so bad?  Fluctuating?  
May 09 2013
WHY? Zillow, your "Monthly Payment" summaries are IMPOSSIBLE!
For example:  I've been tracking 2 SF properties a) $7 Million; b) $1.6 Million.* In BOTH cases you list "Homeowners' Insurance" as $78/mo!!!!  IMPOSSIBLE, and NOT the point!  "Fire/Catastrophe Insurance" IS the point and is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE that $78/mo!!!  Think $000s on $7MM homes!!!* Ditto RE Taxes!  In CA (because of Prop 13), RE Taxes jump HUGELY when appreciated homes are sold.  BUT, Zillow's "Monthly Tax - RE Tax" estimates are WHACKED:  a) 1st, they don't jive w/ CURRENT taxes; and, b) 2nd, and most important since Zillow is forcasting monthly costs Zillow's RE Tax Estimates do NOT reflect the HUGE increase in RE Taxes BUYERS will face, given Prop 13 in CA!!!!!!!Unconscionable, Negligent Zillow!  Fix these.
March 15 2013