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East Coast Sales (9 years experience)

Property Management,
General Contracting,
Exterior Stage/Roof Cleaning

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" You Never Get A Second Chance, To Make That First Impression" That is what I tell all of my Real Estate Agents & Brokers.  Roof Renew Pros LLC. Specializes in " Exterior Staging".  People hire inside staging companies to make the inside look fantastic!

Interior staging is great! But what makes you think the potential buyer will even LOOK inside your home if they cant get past the moss build up, or black streaks on your roof? The dirt that is down the vinyl, and grimy windows and gutters

Buyers are NOT educated in Roof Shingle Cleaning, here is what a buyer thinks, " OMG we need a new roof!  Not true.  Roof Renew Pros LLC can have that house staged in most cases in 1 day!  You will attract many more customers, and the investment is MINIMAL!

Roof Renew Pros LLC handles all areas of "Exterior Staging" and preservation of properties .We are also   " Truly Green".
And BTW DID YOU KNOW? Insurance companies are now canceling home owners insurance due to any moss, lichen, or gloeocapsa-magma (black streaks) on your roof shingles.

Roof Renew Pros LLC. " We Clean Green" shingles from " Gloeocapsa Magma" " Lichen" and " Moss" 

Specialties: All Phases of Exterior Staging, All Phases of Organic Roof Shingle Cleaning, And Exterior Preservation of Properties. 

" Our Mission is to assist the Real Estate Brokers, Property Managers and the Agents in creating an economic and ecofriendly solution for your sellers, so that they increase buyer traffic, and get that listing sold in a fraction of the time!  Call Barb For A Free Estimate on Any Exterior Staging Job For Your Home or Business. 

Roof Renew Pros LLC. Takes pride in protecting you , your children, and your home from black mold producing healthier lifestyle for you and your children, and your children's children. And by doing so, our air & water quality will increase, as well as reducing our landfills.
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