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Why is my house listed so much lower than anyone else on my block??


Contact a full time/experienced REALTOR who knows your neighborhood if you want to know what your home will sell for based on current market conditions in relation to the condition of your home. Most agents provide these free of charge in the process of earning your business. Also keep in mind the agent who says your home is worth more than another agent may not be the right agent either. Whatever the agent tells you make sure they back it up with market data of homes that have sold in your area as well as what homes you would be competing with when yours is on the market.  I've averaged selling 50+/- homes a year since 2006 and have never had a home not sell because of a Zillow zestimate but then again I don't consider zestimates in my value opinion and don't know anyone who does. If buyers are using zestimates and the value is significantly less than the list price, I'm probably not hearing from them anyway. Bottom line, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Good luck.

Should finished lower level area (daylight basement) be included in square footage?


The short answer is no. Finished basement space - any finished space below grade - will not be valued as highly as above grade finished space or should not be anyway according to ANSI standards used by appraisers. Having said that I as an agent - and I think most appraisers - would make a higher dollar adjustment to a home for having either a walkout or daylight basement with full egress windows/doors vs. a basement that does not have such. To give you an idea of dollar value - and this is highly subjective depending on the home and the appraiser - above grade finished space may be adjusted from one property to the next using a dollar value of $20 - $40 per square foot. Below grade finished space is typically value adjusted in the $10 - $15 per square foot range. I know this can be a big difference but its usually at the appraisers discretion based on appraiser opinion of quality of construction/finishing materials/fixtures used to build/finish the property.Footnote: I am not a fan of appraisal methods currently used to determine value but its the system thats in place so it is what it is. There's just too much room for speculation/human opinion and we all not what can be said about opinions. Hope that helps. 

the house im renting is going to be sold at auction next month i was told i don't have to pay rent


Clarify anytthing you are told with an attorney. I generally agree with others who have replied. I list/sell foreclosure properties for banks. The vast majority of homes sold at sheriff sales/auctions are bought back by the bank. With the bank I list properties for, after they buy back at sheriff sale and assign that property to me, I verify whether its occupied or not. Most properties are vacant. If owner and/or any occupant is stil in property, the bank I deal with will offer the occupant cash for keys as someone else mentioned providing the occupant leave the property in broom clean condition/is out by a certain date. This is agreed to in writing on documents the bank will require occupant to sign. On that date the occupant has agreed to be out by, I meet the occupant at the property, verify they are moved out and leaving property in broom clean condition as agreed - no trash/furniture/any other belongings can be left - then and only then am I able to release check from bank to that person as "cash for keys". Again I advise you to consult an attorney about whether or not you should make rent payments in your specific situation assuming you have a written/valid lease agreement in effect. If there is nothing in writing the attorney can advise you of what legal rights you have. Good luck.

What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-BVYWCPH


The answer is time. You need to focus on re-establishing your credit and this takes time. Lenders make decisions about lending money based on a person's most recent past history paying their creditors typically during the last 2 years. So long story short it may take a couple years of proving you can pay creditors on time before a bank will considering giving you a loan. You can do this with a secured credit card - ask your bank about getting one. Essentially you have to ask yourself - objectively - if you had money to loan and you were deciding who to loan it to are you going to loan it to someone with a good credit history of paying bills on time or someone who hasn't paid bills on time. Most people judge themselves by their intentions while others judge us on our actions. At least that's what I learned several years ago and it wasn't an easy lesson but it was reality. Good luck to you!

how much is my house worth ?


While Zillow may be somewhat accurate, your best option is to contact a couple full time experienced REALTORS familiar with your area and ask them to provide you with a market analysis of properties recently sold, pending sales as well as other properties similar to yours currently available. They will need to look at your home/its condition to give you the most accurate information about the value of your home under current market conditions.

low down payment bad credit no bankrupcy history first time home buyer is there any finaceing option


I'm a broker in Southern Indiana so I'm guessing business is done in similar fashion to where you are in Attica. I would advise you to talk to your local bank/any lender you prefer about getting pre-approved. Also guessing 100% USDA Rural Housing loan may be available in your area so ask the bank you talk to if they offer 100% USDA Rural Housing loan. Assuming you are able to get pre-approved, the next step finding an experienced, full time REALTOR -who you choose - to act as your buyer agent. Once you and your agent have found the home you want to make an offer on, the agent can help you negotiate the contract for the seller to pay most or all of your closing costs so you could have very little out of pocket expenses. I typically tell my clients they need to be prepared/able to comfortably spend at least $1000 out of pocket to cover an earnest money deposit ($500) and home/termite inspection ($300-400) and/or any other inspections they want to have. Radon testing is becoming more common/usually costs approx. $125. Good luck and you are welcome to call me if you like. Visit