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When looking to buy in the San Diego Unified School District, google "San Diego Unified School District School Finder 2012-2013". You can enter any property address and see the school assignments.Another excellent tool is the "CA school-rating website"where you can see each school's API rating on a scale of 1-10. Sry for the keywords...not supposed to post links here!

wron information listed on sq. footage


If you own this home, you can search for it on Zillow and then submit corrections there. If your home is listed for sale, ask your Realtor to check what they put in the MLS as that information ends up on Zillow. If it is not listed for sale, you may want to check with the tax assessor as they may have it listed incorrectly. This sometimes happens when you add-on and the final updates are not made in the tax system.

North Pacific Beach: Serenity within a Vivacious Beach Neighborhood


The best description would be North PB. It's not La Jolla and most people remotely familiar with the area will understand the distinction "North" when you're talking about PB and trying to communicate it's away from the most bustling part of the neighborhood.

How to find sqft rate for a home in the area? Is there a law that suggests the sqft prices fixed?


Don't use price per square foot unless everything else about the homes you're comparing is the same or at least VERY similar. Since price/sqft only measures the size of the house, it tends to overvalue large homes and undervalue small homes. By its very nature, price/sqft ignores:- Location- Condition- General appeal- View- Lot size- Garage- Amenities- Everything elseHope that helps!

Can I get my deposit back?


Hi Lilijoyce,Ask your agent (& verify by reviewing your offer/contract) what your contingency timeframes are, particularly for a loan contingency. In CA, the standard purchase agreement allows 17 days for the buyer to obtain loan approval and remove their loan contingency. Beware that these terms are all negotiable so make sure to clarify what you agreed to. Have you signed a "Contingency Removal Form" yet? Usually this form is used to officially remove the loan contingency but another thing to watch for is that some agents include terms for contingencies to  "auto-release" if you don't object in writing before the agreed upon deadline.If you're still within your loan contingency period and haven't removed the contingency, you should be able to cancel and get your deposit back since you're unable to obtain a loan on the property.I wouldn't advise a client to put their deposit at risk in hopes that enough delinquent home owners would pay up by a certain date. If you still have time remaining in your contingency period, it wouldn't hurt to get an updated number right before you have to cancel but I wouldn't count on it turning around that quickly based on the info you provided here.