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Is there a good alternative to efax?

Just got an unexpected bill from efax for over $100- (my fault for having a busy month) Are thre any flat rate services?

My zillow estimate is also a joke (lowball).


Don't get hung up on the Zillow estimates. They are estimates, not appraisals. No loans or transactions will consider these estimates. A good broker and aaapriser will.

Has anyone had good results with google adwords for selling real estate?


Here's a recomendation from an SEO pro:Run an AdWords campaign and connect it to your Google Analytics. Then, see what keywords are driving traffic to the ads and organically optimize your site for those keywords. When those keywords start ranking than stop the ads for those keywords.

Buy house, buy condo, or rent?


I own some rental properties. They have a higher ROI than my 401K's.So, you could own, and rent when you are gone.......