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11/18/2014 - glmatt
Sold a Condo home in 2014 in Huntington Beach, CA.

Jack brokered the sale of my small condo in Huntington Beach. Less that five minutes into our initial conversation, I knew that I had nothing to worry about. He really knows his stuff, and he treated me like my little condo was a multimillion-dollar house on the water. He handled everything from notice to an existing tenant to negotiating the sale to arranging for inspections and repairs. This was especially valuable to me because I live out of state. He stayed in touch and informed me of each new development. I never once felt like I needed to call him because he had already anticipated any questions I might have.

I was most impressed by the way he handled the sale itself. The pricing was tricky because of the volatile market, but he nailed it. The photos in the MLS listing were excellent, as was Jack's write-up describing the property. Jack is a very capable negotiator. We got the listing price for the property, even though the buyer's initial offer was considerably less. All in all, I came out way ahead of what I expected. What more could you ask?

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10/13/2014 - Twofrazier
Sold a home in 2006.

We have known Jack Tanner for about 15 years. Jack sold our house in 2006 . Jack. As our agent is Number 1 . His patience and understanding is truly a plus in his profession.Jack not only sold our house but just recently our sons. We highly recommend Jack Tanner and Beach City prop. Dean and Betty

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06/23/2014 - user0691763
Bought a Condo home in 2014 in North Long Beach, Long Beach, CA.

Jack Tanner at Beach Cities Properties is our go to guy for all of our real estate needs. We were so lucky to have Jack on our side every step of the way. He helped us get an investment property in Long Beach. He is very knowledgeable and professional. We had a few bumps on the road with the seller and also the lender. We thought we couldn't get the property.....but Jack got us through and we are so happy and grateful. He obviously knows exactly what he's doing, because at every step, he gave the right advice. The whole buying process could have been a frightening experience, but thanks to Jack, we got through it with ease!!!!!! For anyone looking for great servicing in real estate or property management, we recommend 110% this company.

Thank you Jack!!!!

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06/18/2014 - zuser20140618113937566
Bought a home in 2014.

My wife and I had moved to Long Beach a year ago for a new job opportunity, so we decided to rent for a year to see if we liked it here in SoCal. After renting a home for a year, our lease was up and we decided we were going to make the move to SoCal permanent by purchasing a house out here. Since we were new to the area, we did not have any contacts for a good realtor in the area. We interviewed and spoke with multiple real estate agents and then found Jack at Beach City Properties online. Although we were skeptical about finding our realtor online, we decided to meet with Jack in person to discuss our situation. After considering all of the realtors we met, we decided to go forward with Jack as our buying agent. In retrospect, we definitely do not regret this decision! The housing market in our search area was very competitive at the time, and we were very picky as to what we wanted, so we were okay with holding out for what we wanted. The first house we found that met all of our requirements turned out to have 68 (not a typo) offers, so like I said, it was a very competitive market! Then, a short time later, on a Tuesday, a new house got listed in our top neighborhood area and it was listed at a price that seemed on the low side, so we didn't know if the sellers were looking to set up a bidding war. As soon as that listing came up, Jack contacted us immediately and we went to look at it that afternoon. It turned out we were the very first people to view the property. We loved the place! It had more than everything we wanted and was even larger than what we expected to afford! Jack quickly got everything in order, and we decided to put an offer on the house the very next day. Jack suggested that we should present the offer in person, "old school style," so we agreed and met with the sellers and their agent. So, we actually got a first hand view of his offer presentation and negotiating skills...he managed to get the deal done on the spot WITHOUT a counter-offer on the initial price we offered. Pretty impressive! It turned out that there were 6 people scheduled to look at the place later that day, and probably many more would have come in the next few days, so we beat any others to the deal and avoided any bidding wars!! Throughout the remainder of the escrow and closing process, Jack was always available to answer questions and get things done for us in a timely manner. He even took time to come to the closing signing for us, to make sure all the numbers and everything looked good. We shopped around with financing lenders and insurance, and Jack's referrals always turned out to have the best deals for us too! Basically, he got us in to look at the house first, he got our offer in first, and we truly believe that if we had not chosen Jack as our realtor, we wouldn't have gotten this house (bigger and better than we expected, in our top neighborhood, and at a price less than what we expected)!! We couldn't have been happier with the whole process of working with him!! Thanks again, Jack! - Chris & Nancy (and little Allison too)

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03/25/2013 - DebraValencia
Sold a home in 2012.

Beach Cities Properties Recommendation

I highly recommend Beach Cities Properties for their outstanding customer service and keen knowledge of the real estate market in Long Beach. Jack Tanner was our agent for a very complicated short sale on an apartment building in Spring 2012. Norm Sanchez handled the lender negotiations and endless mountains of paperwork. Genesis Williams and the entire team were extremely pleasant to deal with, on top of all deadlines, inspections and signature requirements. This investment property was a very difficult property to sell due to the poor condition and undesirable neighborhood. Jack Tanner was able to land multiple bids from qualified buyers landing the best price possible. Beach Cities Properties did such an outstanding job that we hired them to handle the sale of a second investment property in Fall 2012. Again we were very pleased with a quick multiple bid scenario and that building closed escrow by December 2012. The Beach Cities Properties team made both sales so easy for us; all we had to do was sign the papers and they handled all the details.

Debra Valencia -- Malibu, California

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10/06/2012 - BryanBrannan
Bought a Condo home in 2011 for approximately $125K in Zaferia, Long Beach, CA.

Vivan and Jack are amazing!

I contacted Jack after reading some good reviews on yelp back in May of 2011. He set my girlfriend and I up for a meeting with Vivan with a week.

The first meeting with Vivan was great and very informative. She was straight forward with us and everything she had to say stayed true throughout the entire shopping/buying experience. I'm not sure how many times we went out with her (maybe 6-8 or so) but she was on time and prepared every time. She was even willing to meet us at a moments notice when good opportunities popped up that we wanted to jump on. That's actually how we ended up finding the place that we later purchased

I really have to hand it to Vivan and Jack for sticking with us through our shopping experience. Our budget was very small and shopping took a while since we were looking at places right at the top of our budget. We put in numerous offers but were out bid on several occasions because we just couldn't afford more. And through all the out bidding and shopping we never once felt like we were being treated like "the little guys" or like we were at the bottom of their priorities. Vivan was always very responsive with emails and phone calls and keeping us up to date on everything. I have a hard time believing that other places would be as gracious and understanding as Vivan, Jack, and Beach Cities were toward us. They say beggers can't be choosers but their efforts and understanding allowed us to be choosers and I believe because of that it allowed us to buy a place that we otherwise probably wouldn't have been able to get.

Once we were in escrow the rest of the team at Beach Cities did a great and quick job of helping us close on time. We really can't thank them enough for everything they've done for us and our place is amazing!

Thank you Vivan and Jack and the rest of Beach Cities for helping us find our beautiful new home!

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Response from Jack on 10/08/2012

It was such a delight to work with you both and I loved the opportunity to share in the moment of getting your first place together. It meant a lot to me to see you both so excited and happy, but also staying so patient and positive through the process that wasn't always so easy. :) I can't wait to see how you both make the place your home.



09/20/2012 - user885840
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $450K in State College Area, Long Beach, CA.

When my husband and I decided to start looking for a house we did our research for real estate agents in the Long Beach area and due to their great reviews I immediately contacted Beach City Properties.

Jack Tanner was very welcoming and took the time to give me some idea of the whole process. He then turned me to Vivan Anis. I learned Mr. Tanner does the selling and Mrs. Anis does the buying.

On our first meeting with Vivan, she explained the whole process to us, which really helped, since we were first time buyers. She explained what we should expect from the market, the different options in sales, and patiently answered all of our questions.

Vivan kept the communication open and was reachable by text, phone and email anytime we had a question. She really listened to what we were looking for, and was great at showing us houses that met our criteria. It wasn't easy, since we had a budget and were only looking in two zip codes. But Vivan really knew the area and did amazing research. She also understood when we took a break from looking to go on our vacation. And we knew she kept looking out for us because a week after we returned from vacation, the very first house we went to look at was the one we ended up buying :-)

Through the whole bidding process, Vivan kept us on the loop through emails and phone calls. And she also fought hard for us when we had a little bidding war, explaining to the seller that we were a perfect match for the neighborhood and the house.

I feel like Vivan went above and beyond to help us get our house. And because it is the house of our dreams, we are not sure we will ever need to buy or sell again. But if we do, we know we are going to Beach Cities.

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Response from Jack on 09/21/2012

Dear Tatiana & Robert, I was glad that Rebecca & Jeremy were so happy with the service they received that they introduce us when it was time for you to buy your new home. I am also very fortuate that I have such a great team to make sure everyone gets the attention they deserve. Thank you for taking the time to give this great review about Vivan and the Beach Cities team. You were great to work with and we hope to see you at our Client Appreciation Party next month.



08/27/2012 - user7647715
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $475K in Belmont Heights, Long Beach, CA.

My husband and I recently purchased our first investment property with the help of Vivan and Beach Cities Properties. In selecting a real estate agent, we wanted someone who was a good communicator, responsible, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the current state of the real estate market. We were delighted to find Vivan. Throughout the rather lengthy and sometimes frustrating process (it was a short sale) Vivan and the rest of the Beach Cities team kept us informed and gave frequent updates. The property is now rented and we are using Dustin and his team at Beach Cities Management to manage our property. We are thrilled with the professionalism of both Beach Cities Property and Beach Cities Management. We would recommend both to anyone interested in investing in real estate.

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Response from Jack on 08/29/2012

Thanks so much you two, it was an exciting process to help you both find your first real estate investment and you got an amazing deal, especially for the location. I know you both will be very happy with the results in due time. It was such a great experience working with you both and you will always be a part of the Beach Cities Family now. Truly, Vivan :)



08/19/2012 - AutumnNazarian
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $500K in City College Area, Long Beach, CA.

We approached the idea of buying a home as a distant future dream. Once meeting with Vivan Anis at Beach Cities (who works with Jack) and their finance partner, and we realized that home ownership was not only possible, but in our immediate future. Our journey was complicated and hard won, but during each step of the process Vivan and the Beach Cities crew (Genesis/Jack) were there to explain what was happening, what was coming, and to very transparently manage our expectations. Buying a home is stressful, uncertain and very taxing - but it definitely helps to have a team representing you that you know has your best interests at heart. From showing us ~20 homes, to investigating leads when we thought we found them, to helping us navigate a VERY difficult negotiation with a horrific listing agent... they were there and they had our backs. What we most appreciated about them was their friendly and optimistic attitudes - tempered with a nice balance of honesty in preparing us for hard times. They did not sugar coat what might be coming next, but they also made us feel that as a team we would be strong enough to overcome the challenges. And in the end - we have our dream home, and we bought it at a price that made us very happy. We really loved working with Vivan, and recommend her highly. She is a great agent, a good person and a savvy negotiator.

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Response from Jack on 08/21/2012

You two were absolutely wonderful to work with and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet the best gals ever. I must say that you both handled the entire home buying process with patience and knowing exactly what your likes and wants were in finding your home. I know that you both will truly love that beautiful home and make it home sweet home. Pool time at your house! Warmly, Vivan



08/07/2012 - user1609894
Sold a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $250K in Alamitos Beach, Long Beach, CA.

Jack and Vivan are amazing! I purchased a short sale which took 8 months from start to finish. Needless it say it was a very stressful process. However, Jack and Vivan were there every step of the way, making it as painless as possible! Vivan provided support and guidance whenever I needed it. They are trustworthy and honest. They are the only agents I will ever use.

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Response from Jack on 08/09/2012

I am so glad that I got the opportunity to meet you and work with you. It meant a lot for me to help you get the exact home you were looking for. You were so great in responding back asap when needed and that truly helped the process along. I can't wait to see your remodel with your unique style! Thanks for putting your trust into me and Jack! Vivan