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Prop tax based on sale price?


HiIn my town Westerly RI I think they go by assessed value nit purchase price. Low mil rate high assessement. High mil rate low assessement. they will get you either way call you local tax assessors office to find out how they do itGood luck

I want to put my home on the market. How do I determine who would be the best agent to do the job?


It's time to interviewThings you need to askHow long have you been in the business. Track record,experience.Locol community Questions ( tax info,mill rate,school info)Construction can they explain how your house was builtMARKETING PLAN whats your budget . Will your house be found all over the internet.Appointments Do you show the house yourself. Availability is this your full time jobEtcGoodluck

add another listing


HiLog on to zillowgo to homes (top left)go to post a home for salecheck I agreeYour postedGood Luck