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How do I estimate utilities for a 936 sq ft home?


Congratulations on your first step! Wanting to be prepared as you make that first home purchase! Many things go into the cost of heating in the winter such as new windows, insulation and a properly sealed home. Does the home have a newer Furnace and Hot Water Heater? These are things I look for when working with a buyer. Gas can run as high as 300- 400 a month in the winter. The electric would be again according to usage and how many people live in the home. Figure a good round number roughly $100 a month. If you run air conditioners or central air it could be much higher. Don't forget the garbage and water and sewer will be up to you now too! Your agent should help with these figures. Its never a problem to ask the home owner what the utilities run or ran if its not vacant. If you need any other help I am glad to answer

How do Land Contracts work?


Sometimes it is not because of Credit. I bought a home that way once because I was self employed without a long enough work history. I sell real estate and had 4 kids at home and was a single parent suddenly. I had only been working at it for a few months. I had money and credit from my marriage but could not qualify because of work history. 

Why do some foreclosed homes have parking listed and a price behind it.


hello-Some homes that are foreclosed start out at an asking price and then in Grand Rapids, MI area. Fannie Mae or Hud take all the bids and accept the highest offer. Many times in the Grand Rapids Area that has been over the LP or Listing Price. Homes are selling Fast if you are interested in buying a foreclosed home call me I am willing to help.Beth