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If you could live anywhere on the Big Island of Hawaii where would it be and why?


Brooke, since you and I live about a mile apart in Hawi, North Kohala, I am probably not the right person to begin a lively discussion with on this topic!  It will turn into a "why we love Kohala" chorus.  Although I do think people might want to come to the Kohala Country Fair on October 1st to find out why we love it so....

Actual Closing Costs


I don't think you can rely on Zillow for that...especially because even the closing price in the MLS may not reflect things like seller contributions, or in the case of condos, whether or not sold turnkey.  Dont' mean to be self-serving, but this is one reason for working with an agent who actually knows your local market.

69-1035 Keana Pl APT 123, Waikoloa, HI 96738


There are currently 10 active listings at the Shores and maybe 30 active listings for 2BR condos at other nearby communities.  In fact, a foreclosure just came on the market today at Kolea across the street (on the beach side) for less than $500,000!

Networking & Referrals


Actually, despite the use of "social media' to get to know people and find referral agents via "back-room mutual back scratching"  most of my referrals come from either Mainland agents who happen also to be clients of mine as owners themselves of property in Hawaii, or the Mainland agents of clients of mine here.  However, I don't discount use of these on-line tools to generate cross referrals as somehow doing a disserviceto the public.  After all, the statistics show that most buyers pick their agents on line today.  As a professional, i think i can probably assess the quality of another RE professional at least as accurately as the general public!AlohaBeth

How do I link a new listing my MLS system automatically feeds to Zillow so it will connect me to it?


I had the same also have Hawaii Information Service, right?I figured out it was ok to leave the duplicate listings because it gives you more "points" LOL.  Now somehow Zillow seems to be akamai enough to match me up to my listings.  Is your name on the Zillow profile exactly the same as your license name on MLS?My new strategy is just to let HIS feed it and then if I'm not attached "claim" it.  I haven't found I get much juice from Zillow for anything except the lowest price point listing I had on here, so not sure it is worth spending a lot of time on.AlohaBeth