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When becoming an agent would you pick a broker with more listings or less.


I wouldn't even care about how many listings they have initially.  I'd be more interested in the support and education you would be receiving.  As I was once told by an instructor that getting you license only prepares you so you don't get sued.  There is so much more to it.  Are you local?  ABE area?I'd be glad to talk to you as I work at Keller Williams Real Estate in Allentown, PA.  They are a great company that provides all the support you need!Beverley

Can someone please help me on where to even begin with buying a house?


The first thing I would recommend is to talk to a lender to determine how much of a mortgage you would qualify for.After that's been determined, then I would decide what exactly you are looking for.  For example, what type of home do you want, areas you would consider living, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are necessary, amount of land you'll need, do you need a garage, type of heating fuel, does it matter if property has septic +/or well water or do you prefer city utilities, do you need a particular school district, etc.  Pay attention to real estate taxes as they vary from area to area. Finally, talk to friends and family members about their buying experiences.  It's very surprising how much information you can obtain from someone who's already gone through the process.Hope this helps.Beverley