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02/19/2015 - pucmastr
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $325K in North Chelmsford, MA.

Bill got us a great deal on a beautiful house. He helped us look at many houses and was able to easily identify whether each house was what we were looking for or not.

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12/30/2014 - jimcdaly
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $325K in North Chelmsford, MA.

Bill Patterson helped my Wife and I look for and eventually purchase our first house. During our first meeting Bill laid out the current state of the market and what we could expect during our search. Also, after hearing what area we were looking in he accurately set expectations into what we would find within our price range.

Once we progressed into the viewing stage of the process Bill was very flexible to when we could look at a houses and always handled the scheduling of viewing times. While looking at houses Bill was able to quickly assess if the house was worth pursuing or if the house was not worth our time and money.

In the purchasing stage Bill was able to negotiate a buying price the fell within our budget.

During the closing processing Bill was attentive to all the steps that needed to get accomplished, while providing trust worthy recommendations for home inspectors and mortgage lenders.

In the end, my wife and I bought a great house well within out budget and within the location we were hoping. Once it is time to maybe move on, Bill will definitely be part of our plans to sell/buy.

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12/12/2014 - elandry85
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $350K in North Reading, MA.

We had an amazing experience working with Bill. He was able to provide my fiancé and I the exact level of service we were looking for and helped us close our house on a timeline that perfectly suited our needs. Bill is extremely knowledgeable in the field of real estate and home ownership and furthermore, he knew exactly what to look for and what to beware of and explained both to us BEFORE we asked. Throughout the home buying process, Bill maintained a level of professionalism that far exceeded our expectations. Bill has the tenacity to get you what you are looking for and the integrity to ensure it gets done the right way. I would absolutely work with Bill again and I recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the greater Boston area.

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12/12/2014 - jessicohen
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $575K in Somerville, MA.

Bill is brilliant with real estate and a pleasure to work with. He managed everything with the sale of our home from staging to pictures to open houses. Our house sold in one weekend at above asking price. He is a masterful negotiator and clearly extremely experienced in his field. Bill is funny, friendly, intelligent and calming. I highly recommend him. I have five friends that have worked with him on home buying/selling and all feel the same way.

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12/11/2014 - beccaltowers
Bought a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $375K in Fenway, Boston, MA.

This was my first experience buying a condo, and Bill was great at guiding me through the process. He was always available when I needed him, and helped me find the perfect place! Very professional and easy to work with, I would recommend him to anyone!

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11/11/2014 - Mike Curtis
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Cambridge, MA


Our Story: My wife and I contacted Bill Patterson about a property he had listed. Bill met with my wife on a Monday to show her around the property. That same day, we submitted our applications. The following day, Bill contacted me to inform me that my wife and I were below the 33% rent-to-income threshold. I went over the mathematics with him, pointing out that we were actually above the threshold. He reluctantly agreed that his math was inaccurate. Several days passed before we heard from Bill again. He eventually reached back out to me to explain that his kitty cat had died and that it had hit him very hard. This contact was on Thursday of that week. The following day (Friday) at 9:30 PM, Bill emailed me inviting my wife and I to be the new tenants at the property. We emailed him back the next day (Saturday) to let him know that we were still interested in the property and would meet him there on Monday (we were out-of-state that weekend) to go over the terms and take a few photos of the property (for furniture placement purposes). In a follow-up email reply, Bill acknowledged our desire to rent the property and agreed to meet us there that following Monday. On Sunday morning, we received another email from Bill in which he informed us that he had rented the property to another couple the day before. He explained that we didn’t show enough interest— I suppose because we didn’t immediately hop on a plane and bring him a check?—so he continued to show the property.

Here’s a recap:

1) My wife and I made a written offer to the landlord 2) Bill (on behalf of the property owner) accepted our written offer, in an email, by inviting us to be his new tenants 3) Bill (on behalf of the property owner) rescinded the acceptance [after we had assented]

***Bill was completely unprofessional during this transaction and we felt that his business practices were highly unethical. At the end of the day, it really just felt like Bill's only concern was how he was going to close the deal. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Bill. ***

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Response from Bill on 11/25/2014

Dear MIke Curtis, Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I am sorry that you did not get the apartment, but you were unwilling to leave a deposit or sign a lease. You clearly stated that since only your wife had seen the apartment, you were 'not going to rent an apartment sight unseen' when we spoke on Friday. That left the unit on the market and better applicants stepped forward during that time. To recap: - Your wife saw the apartment and then applied. - I had to put my cat down. - You offered less than list price and were right at the top of what you could afford. - When the landlord said he would accept your application, you said that you were 'not willing to rent an apartment sight unseen' and needed to come back next week. - More applications came in from more qualified applicants than you and they were offering the list price. - The landlord told them that he would accept their applications and they signed a lease right away.



03/26/2014 - user238366
Bought a home in 2013 in Mid-Cambridge, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Bill did a great job helping us find our house. He helped us at all stages of the process. During our housing search, he worked closely with us to align the search with our preferences. He also listened closely to us during our house visits, and adjusted the search based on our feedback. When we were ready to make an offer for a house, Bill did a fantastic job helping us calibrate our bid and then negotiating with the seller. After our bid was accepted, Bill did a great job managing the final stages of the home buying process. He also helped us find a great lawyer to manage the legal aspects of the process.

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12/30/2013 - MichalKlos
Sold a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $325K in Cambridge Highlands, Cambridge, MA.

Bill is great. We had a condo that we were trying to sell two years ago. We went through another agent first, and the agent started by promising us a high sale price and then eventually when negotiations happened got whittled down to a price below our limit. Suffice to say, we were not happy and we hired on Bill. Bill was always available, he marketed our property much better, and we got two very solid offers both above our expectations. We accepted one of them and I would recommend Bill to anyone. I was a skeptic that the quality of your agent really mattered and that the market takes care of everything, but my experience with this condo demonstrates that true professionals like Bill have a major influence on the outcome.

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07/01/2013 - user4691712
Bought a Other home in 2013 in Cambridgeport, Cambridge, MA.

Bill is a great buyer's broker! We searched for a home in Cambridge and Brookline for over a year. We worked with Bill during the final six months of our search. Anyone who has recently searched for property in these areas knows how much of an ordeal this process can be.

Bill more than met our needs. He kept us appraised of new listings as they emerged and quickly provided us with good market studies of any properties that seriously interested us. His broad knowledge of the Greater Boston real estate market allowed him to help us quickly determine reliable values for the many properties we considered.

During our search we made several offers for homes. Bill provided the guidance and support necessary for us to navigate the highly competitive "bidding" process that buying a good property in Cambridge or Brookline has become. Most important, we finally succeeded in purchasing a great home in a location we wanted!

Two important qualities that Bill possesses made a big difference in our search. He respects the importance of timeliness in pursuing a property and goes to great effort to make himself available wherever and whenever the search process requires it. In a fast moving market that's essential. At the same time he allowed our interests to guide the search.

A serious effort to purchase a home can also be stressful and emotional. Bill was very understanding of these stresses and offered plenty of support during the difficult times. No doubt a degree in psychology would be quite useful for any buyer's broker, but Bill seemed to know what we needed in terms of moral support at every step along the way.

We hold Bill in high regard and would highly recommend him to help anyone find a home in the Greater Boston area!

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04/28/2013 - user2844330
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $475K in Newton, MA.

Bill went above and beyond to help us find the home that was right for us. He is honest and patient and works very hard to keep his clients happy. I was impressed with his knowledge of both real estate and home conditions. He answered all of our questions and always responded promptly. We are picky people and somewhat difficult and Bill was always patient and helpful.

We highly recommend Bill Patterson for all of your real estate needs.

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