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Need Advice on closing Home - Flower Mound TX


Before you cancel the contract, make sure you will not lose more than what you stated.  Was there a good faith deposit?How many homes has your agent sold?  If she knows the market, I would listed to her.Do you think prices will keep going up?  If so, buy the house.  You will be happy down the road. 

Why do real estate agents ignore written instructions?


Because they are human.The best way to avoid scheduling problems is to use a showing service.  You can get one for around $35 a listing or pay a monthly fee if you have multiple listings.The service I use works online or with a phone.  The buyer's agent sets up the appointment, the seller is notified and has the option to approve or request another time.  I get a notice and can check the web site for activity.  The service also sends feedback requests.  I use these to show the sellers the market's perception of their house.  Worth every penny.

I'm closing on new home, my payment on my current mortgage will be due before I close do I make it


YES!!!!Also, pay condo/HOA dues, insurance, property taxes, etc if the are due near the closing date.If you do not close on time or the mortgage payoff check gets delayed for any reason you could be hit with fees and even cancellations.You will receive refunds for any over payments.Make sure you notify your lender, insurance company, etc of your new address.  They will need it to send refund checks and the 1099 in January for your 2014 mortgage interest.

Can Pets Hurt a Home Sale?


Price you home to sell so you can get this over with quickly.Schedule an open house and have the family and pets out.  Cats can stay at a friend's and fido can hang out with the family.Be sure to deodorize the carpets and furniture.  People who are allergic will leave. 

quit claim deed form


An attorney.Also, many courts will not accept deeds from the public.  They require an attorney (or a person hired by an attorney) to file the paperwork.

condo value in a low accupancy rate


Do you think the rate will go up or down?  If the investor rate is going up, sell sooner than later.The biggest concern with high investor ratios is the buyers have trouble getting affordable (or any) financing.Banks don't like buildings with a lot of investors as owners.