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Kathy Pan-Barboza
Mortgage Broker (14 years experience)


Purchase Loan, Refinancing

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Protect your identity and financial information, select a local mortgage broker:· Meet with the perspective broker to determine if you are comfortable with him/her;Whether he/she is ethical, honest and competent to handle your financing;Have accountability of the broker and covered by same local laws and requirements;Check their backgrounds with Better Business Bureau: ... firm=8023A local broker would know your area well and can advocate for you by finding a local well-qualified appraiser to attest your property value.

Why choose Kathy Pan-Barboza at Elite Capital Inc.:

Experience, Education and Great Service!

Specialized in Jumbo loans!

I am local, able to meet and know the market and products well!

Guaranteed closing costs, No charge for application and processing fees, savings $1,200.

Member of Better Business Bureau,

Local mortgage Broker since 2001,

Free E-mail alert for Rate Watch, Treating your loan as my own loan

BA in Economics and Finance from UC Berkeley,

Looking at your financial picture as whole, not selling you the rate.

Former CPA and Tax Manger for PricewaterhouseCoopers

Reference letters available upon request.

Refer to our website:

Kathy Pan-Barboza,Office, 415-543-9888, Cell 415-215-5869, E-mail

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Elite Capital Inc.
88 King Street, # 705
San Francisco, CA  94107
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