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Do you have homes that accept VA Loans?


Hello user297844,Absolutely! In Stockton CA, once the foreclosure capital in the nation, you can still find great deals and sellers that accept VA loans. If your in need of a VA loan, there are many lenders to choose from.

neighbor's zestimate


Good question and righful concern. If you're after a true estimate of value, best advice I can give you is contact a real estate professional for a CMA. Location, property condition, upgrades, etc will be considered in the value.

How do I get an estimate for the value of a home?


Being a local real estate agent from the same town, I pulled up the subject property from public records. The best way for an estimate of value is to have a real estate professional to a CMA (certified market analysis). This way the subject property's specific information is considered and will result in a more accurate value.

how do I find the land value of a home not the total property value


This is where a real estate professional comes in. The values of land vs a structure on the land differ. In areas where comparable properties are lacking a cost approach to build a home would be arrived. The easiest way is to see your tax record-the land value is separated but sometimes not all accurate.

Why doesn't Zillow recognize my home independently of my neighbors?


That's an interesting questions but good one. I just hovered over my home and Zillow did separate my home and value from neighbors. Try doing it again and hopefully it will work. If the problem continues, it may be specific to your area. You may need to contact customer service.