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We are closing on Monday are we to give the the seller a gift or thank you card?


Good comments already received.....however would like to add, you are not expected or obligated to give either.  If you have had contact directly with the sellers and wish to give a thank you card or gift, that is very nice, just know it's not expected.  I think all kind thoughts like this are usually helpful should you need to contact them "after close" for any unexpected reason.  ~Cheryl & Bob

Can I bypass a buyer's agent and talk to the buyer directly?


I recommend that you have a serious conversation with your agent (and their Broker in Charge) about advocacy!  Your relationship with your agent is similar to an employment arrangement.   They should be willing to meet jointly with you and the other party, however it's very important that your agent be there. The agent may "recommend" a different approach to the negotiation or advise their opinion and you may not agree.  They may be absolutely correct in their recommendations/approach,however it is their duty to relay the information/offer YOU wish to relay.  If they will not do so, I personally would have a discussion with them and their broker-in-charge together.  I don't believe this is advocating for you, whether the approach or decision  you make gets the results you wish or not.   Buyers and Sellers alike deserve an agent that will express their wishes and assist you in making decisions on offers and are there as an advocate to you in this process.   A "my way" attitude is not consultative, regardless of whether they may be ultimately correct or not.  Good Luck moving forward!