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When should I apply for a mortgage?


I respectfully disagree with some of my very accomplished peers here on Zillow.  If I am working with a seller, and get a call from the bank that the buyers appraiser is requesting access to the property, that is a big tipoff.  That means the buyer has paid for the mortgage application as well as the appraiser.  If the home inspection contingency has not been settled yet, the seller will be unlikely to negotiate any concession as the seller now knows that the buyer is moving forward whether he receives a concession or not.  I prefer my buyers to be in a stronger position when negotiating than that.  This should not be a delay.  Most contracts in our area have the closing 45-60 days from execution of contract.  Get the inspector in right away, then apply for the mortgage, and there won't be a delay at all.  The agent may have to work a bit harder, and be atentive to his client, but it will be worth it in the end.Best wishes everyone, and Merry Christmas.

When should I apply for a mortgage?


Typically, I advice my clients to wait until AFTER the home inspection contingency is settled before applying.  

Don't Understand Property Taxes.


The bottom line is, if you want accurate tax information you should ask your Realtor for a copy of the homeowners tax bill.  He or she can provide you with authoritative information.