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I tried to refinance my primary home loan using Box Home Loans last year. After timely submitting all the documents that they requested from me, I realized that the appraisal that they hired did not have a clue of the prices in this area. I was informed by this company that they don't have control over the appraisal that they hire. Apparently, they use a third party to hire those services and I guess, somehow, the bad service is justified. At the end, I did not refinance using this company. I wasted time, a great locked rate and the appraisal fee. Amazingly, I had to pay for an appraisal work that was done incorrectly. We live in an area in California that we need people with the right knowledge to understand our home prices in the area. Unfortunately, Box Home Loans did not explain to me that they will hire an inexperience appraisal. Applicants should be informed of this important factor. In addition, I also find out a lot of this information late in the process. Apparently, Box Home Loans has a high employee turnover so it's hard to follow up with your Loan Officer.More Less

I am in the same situation like it was described by the other negative reviewers, about some sort of connection with appraisers. So PLEASE read the negative reviews about this company first before deciding to move on with them, because then AT THE END YOU WILL BE TRAPPED like I do. Yes I have excellent credit score and plenty money to put down. Also I am prudent to buy cheaper short sale house (235k), even I can afford much bigger one (up to $350k). It seems like BHL are doing business together with the “appraisal” company to shake your nerves, dimes and nickels from you at the end of the process. I am buying the short sale and my purchase contract stated CLEARLY that I am buying the house “as is”. So there was a broken window to the basement that I was aware about. The appraisal clearly noted that that the window has no negative impact on the value of the house, and is only a cosmetic issue. The loan processor (Steven) from BHL tried to be very nice and talked to me that the window has to be fixed and I agreed. Then my SCHEDULED closing got pushed back because someone in their company did not sent some document out because they were relocking my rate and forgot to send some docs out. Ok, at least I was shortly notified the day before. In the mean time I found that their appraisal charged me $135 for the “inspection” of the window, just to look if the window (that supposed to cost me only $88). Fine. Yes it is a rip of but I just want to start moving. Now this Friday they SCHEDULED another closing. I transferred my $47k the day before. Signed all documents. Scheduled the party with my relatives and friends. And guess what? I had a keys? No way! Box Home Loans had cancelled the transfer of the funds because they stated that the window ($88 value remember?) is still broken. And, by the way, they notified Title company about that 5 Hrs after closing!!! I immediately wrote email to the management, and yes they did called me back in 30min. And, guess what? The manager tried to blame my side, my agent, everyone else in the next 45 min of the conversation. Now I don’t care who is lying, if the window has been broken after, or not installed. I don’t care. This $88 window could cost me potentially thousands of dollars (and literally cost me $135 already, and, I BET they will charge me again $135 for another inspection) because property remaining UNOCCUPIED and the beautiful yard that this house have could dry out. It would be hard to switch to another company now, because we are at the very end. And I feel like I am at the MERCY of the BHL, instead of being their customer. Will update all of you how the situation is turned out at the end. Thanks for reading.More Less

If you are considering using this company, stop and evaluate your other options. They will quickly tell you "you're approved and ready to go", then they send you into a mix of tossing you back and forth from you're "agent" to your "loan processor" back and forth, and evidently the employees within the company do not talk to one another and appear relatively clueless as to what the others are doing. After you scan each necessary document, mind you, they don't give you a list of what they need up front, they wait and pepper you with single document requests for weeks while they move the process along.

We finally made it to closing (two weeks late) and what do you know, they have the date of birth incorrect on our closing documents. So we will have to go back into the office and sign the 95 forms again.

This company should not be seriously considered by anyone with reasonable credit, you have many many better choices.
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Rates dropped 2 days after I locked by a full 1/8 points. Box Home loans would not help me get the new rate at all. They wanted to charge me $ 450 to get out of the deal and had I done that, I would have to wait 30 days before locking again if I wanted to continue with them which I wouldn't of course.

I was debating if I should drop the deal and take the $ 450 hit to save on the rate with another lender. To give myself some time to think about it, I wanted to reschedule the appraisal which was coming up the next day. When I called the appraisal company to reschedule they started to tell me that there was nothing available for the next few days and if I did not get the appraisal on the scheduled day I would miss my closing date making it my fault for missing the deadline. That was not true as there was plenty of time. If I miss the deadline, I would have to pay the $ 450 as penalty. Had I gone through with the appraisal I would have owed another non-refundable $ 550. I knew right away that they were playing games as the appraisal company is affiliated or even owned by Box home loans. The appraisal company calls me back (as they realized that their game was obvious) and informed me that I would be able to reschedule without issues.

It was a nasty unethical game.
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This is my 6th mortgage/refi (various lenders) and by far the easiest and fastest ever. I loved the online uploads and real-time checklists. Even though I never met with anyone face-to-face, my broker and processor were always available to me by phone and email. All questions were answered immediately and superb communication the whole way through the process. The rates and fees were so good I had a hard time believing they were real, but they were! What they said upfront held true all the way to closing. Very easy to work with, professional and knowledgeable, timely and accurate. Would highly, highly recommend. Great job Kevin & Steve!More Less

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