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How do I know if an agent review on Zillow is real?


I always recommend asking for some references that are tied to the reviews that you have read on Zillow.   Most of our past clients are happy to speak with prospective buyers/sellers or someone thinking about utilizing our services.   The beauty of websites like @Zillow is that they help create transparency through providing all the past sales an agent has transacted, so you can usually see if they synch up with the reviews.    Again, when you are interviewing agents, reviews should be helpful to provide an idea of how they work from an outside perspective, but more importantly, you want to see their track record, results, experience, marketing plan, resources, specialties, etc.  all of these should play a role in making an informed #realestate decision, and ultimately choosing the right team to provide you the guidance and representation you deserve.   Good luck,  Happy House Hunting!   Regards,Eric & Janelle Boyenga 

How is this home heated?


Hi ,The home is heated by a forced air unit, though some of these Mackay homes have radiant heating very similar setup to the Eichlers.