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What is the best way to find a good agent in Highlands Ranch, CO?


Intervieing agents and taking referrals/recommendations from friends is always a good idea.Make sure that the agent is experienced in your type of situation. Short Sales take experience to be able to navigate and get the best outcome for you. Find an agent with Short Sale designations such as CDPE or SFR. Follow your gut. Go with someone that feels right to you. You may not need to do a Short Sale.

I just added pictures to my home.


They may need to be approved by before they show up or it's just a delayLet me know if you have any other questions. - Brian

what are closing costs in colorado

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That depends on the situation. They can be negotiated with the contract or you can pay them yourself. The costs will depend on the property and closing company. A title company can give you specifics as to what they charge. I can give you general numbers. Contact me directly and I can help you further if you would like. I'll send you examples.- BrianThe Bramer Thomas Team

zillow price is way off


This is an answer I posted on another question that seems to fit perfectly:Zillow pulls information from a number of sources. Then they compare to the information that they have from your home. Not all of the information is completely accurate and it is compiled by computer systems and programs. (remember that they are doing this on a nationwide scale) Only a good real estate professional or licensed appraiser can give you an accurate picture of your home's value. Even more specifically: only a buyer who is willing to buy your home can determine the true value. I provide a program to clients that monitors the home sales in their neighborhood. (free of charge) Let me know if you would like to use it. -- Brian