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Brian Kidd wrote:

I am new to Boston. I am interested in North St, Boston, MA 02113.

Give me a call. I'd be happy to meet, show you what's available and discuss options that fit your budget.
January 29 2013

How common are 'rent backs'?

It really depends on how much flexibility the other party has. It's become less prevalent but, discuss it with your agent. Both of your agents should be able to work together, provide a professional framework for your agreement and ensure both of you make an informed decision based on the risks and benefits. However, the actual contract should be reviewed by an attorney. Agents are not lawyers and this is not the area to save money. On a personal side: You're adding risk by increasing the duration of your relationship with the other party. Consider your options carefully. Our broker has a legal team that provides back up support to ensure our customers are fully informed before making a decision. It's an expensive feature that few customers appreciate. Best of Luck.
January 06 2013