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Is this condo FHA approved?


Check this site during normal business hours. it's not approved you could try to get the assoc. to obtain FHA approval.  That can be a lengthy process however.  Another course of action is to speak with a mortgage broker.  There may be 5% conventional loans in lieu of an FHA loan, or some lending institutions may do FHA spot checks.  In any event if the condo is not HUD approved, you're not alone, as many complexes let their HUD approval lapse as the requirements have become to restrictive and cost prohibitive.Good Luck!

What is a good time frame to relist my home ?


The time to list is right now.  Buyer activity has picked up considerably over the past month.  (I have a listing in Giants Neck Heights currently)The bigger question to ask yourself is why your house didn't sell in the first place.  Could it be a pricing issue, a staging issue, does it need some work, etc...A good agent will be able to help you get your house sold quickly and for top dollar.Good luck!