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We need help in determining the value or our home?


Thanks for posting your question on! Best thing to do its to have a local, full time, professional Realtor come over and do a CMA.  You can also pay an appraiser which is a more specific & better way.Good luck.  

Determine market value of property


Thanks for posting what I think is your question on!To have the value of a property determined, you can have a Realtor do a CMA.  Now, they will be expecting you to list with them or compensate them.  A more accurate way is to have it appraised.Good luck!



Thanks for posting your question on!Well, Matt, it's not an add.  The info is pulled from public records and a computer generated algorhythm generates the "Zestimate".  It changes all of the time.  Keep in mind, it is exactly what it is saying it is, a "Z-ESTIMATE".  The Zestimate is not saying that is what a property is worth.  Who it is listed by does not have any value on the Zestimate. You can get a Realtor to do a CMA and you can post on Zillow that it is corrected by a Realtor.Good luck!

Would we owe our former realtor a commision if a buyer who previously made and offer buys the home?


Thanks for posting your question on!  A great one it is.  Most would never think to ask.In Pa., there is a window (6 months I think) where a Realtor is entitled to a commission after the listing period with said Realtor is over.  This is done because our marketing that we have done could have touched someone not quite ready to buy during the listing period.  Also, because you may have that shady seller that says to the buyer, "I can cut you a better deal if we cut the Realtor out & we can do this by waiting till my listing contract runs out".  Lastly because just cause the listing is over doesn't mean the our marketing doesn't still linger for months after.Hope this helps!