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Chp 7, home was incl but we pd mtg for 2 yrs then got transferred so we short sold. When can we buy?


Both answers below are correct in most cases but there is depending on the flexibility of your search area an option. The USDA loan program has no real seasoning but a case by case review so if your short sale was for legit reasons and you have the ability to pay a mortgage you may qualify.But then there's the chapter 7 and throwing that into the mix could bring in a timeline depending on it's seasoning period that also differs from loan to loan.Best to pose these scenario's to a mortgage broker, [deleted by Zillow moderator]hope this helps,

Buy house, buy condo, or rent?


Hey there,It's always better to own than rent because you are investing in your future not to mention the tax benefits of owning.Another issue is home prices are creeping up slowly and builders are raising and cutting some of the included options.Also if amendment 4 passes it will help you as a first time buyer with property taxes. I guess the big question is can you get qualified for a loan, you didn't state your current job status.My wife and I have helped many first time buyers, fell free to call or email me with any follow up questions.Hope this helps,Broker Dave

Why wait till I can't afford it??


Correct in saying lenders nix under 50,000, what do you have now mortgage wise and do you need to short sale?

Are REAs more truthful than FSBOs?


Don't really think all FSBO's are liars, some are some aren't. But the over pricing issue is real as all I've seen with my years in real estate typically are. Hop this helps,

Where is the best area for investment in Florida for a vacation home


Hello,I need to differ with you Ofe, investing in a short term vacation rental home works today if you include in you equation the properties location, must be within 30 minutes drive time tops from Disney (not as the crow flies). The return on investment numbers now works due to the current lower prices, and sales in this segment of the market is extremely hot.Just my 2 cents and hope it helps,Broker Dave

IHow can I purchase a luxury home for 350,000 in Orlando.


The first post I made had a spelling error that I didn't catch in time to correct so here is the corrected post with more information.First you need to find a Realtor in Orlando to help you.If you are not paying cash then you will also need a Orlando based mortgage company to get you prequal to turn in with any offer you make to purchase a home.Why do I recommend an Orlando based mortgage company? Simple because so many problems pop up at the last minute most times just before closing and a local company carries more weight when an extension is ask for. Many times it's granted based on the local mortgage companies known reputation! Hope this helps,