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why not rent to own this house?


If you do rent to own, please consider having a attorney review the agreement. Some things to consider--have a title search done and include an agreement that neither party shall use the property as collateral during the period of the agreement, review and complete the proper seller disclosures regarding the condition of the home and who shall be responsible for maintenance, proper insurance for the home and your contents and allocation of insurance money should there be a claim. These are just a few things to conseder--and again--it's a good idea to run this through an attorney--or a title company whose attorneys will review and prepare the document for you. Good Luck!!

How do I correct errors about my house on this web site?


Contact your listing agent and have them log in to Zillow(or create an agent account) and they will be able to edit the listing w/the changes you need to make. Happy New Year and good luck selling your home.