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Relationship with Realtor not working out


I am not sure what state you are in but here in SC it is illegal for them to represent you without an agreement. If you do not have a contract you do not have to put up with their unprofessional behavior. It can be difficult for a realtor when a buyer is having a hard time making a decision but that is what you sign up for when you become a realtor and it gives them no reason to act that way. I would say however you communicate with them normally use that same method to contact them and advise them that things are not going as they have hoped and you have decided to seek help elsewhere. Keep it short and simple. They will likely try to apologize to keep you as a client so make it swift and keep moving. 

Business Partnership

I am looking to form an alliance with a real estate agent whose company does not have a property management division. We would work together to build clientele and close deals. If the real estate agent has a property that does not sell in an extended period of time, and does not show signs of selling soon and if the owner shows interest in renting, the real estate agent would recommend my company to handle the rental process. In return I would recommend my investors to the real estate agent for the purchase of new homes and current clients that are ready to test the market and try to sell. 

i showed my client a house, the listing agent called him and cut me out of the transaction


When I was a realtor I included a clause in all of my agency agreements that stated if a client purchased a home that I showed them even after our agreement had expired I was due the commission. If the buyer is willing to put what you said in writing I would definitely file a omplaint. This may even be a legal matter that can be taken to civil court. But I would start with the local real estate commssion and/or arbutration. Good luck.

How do I contact someone about a posted listing.


If you are wanting to contact the owner/manager there should be an email or phone number on the listing. If you are referring to Zillow you can find a help link located at the bottom of the page.

Property Manager wants me to show her rental...Is this typical?


Typically a landlord has to give 24 hours notice to enter unless it is an emergency. Your situation does not seem to fit either criteria. In cases where a homeowner is trying to sell they will typically leave when potential buyers want to see the house. But renters are different. I would go through the lease and check for a clause that states they can show the home and then check with the local real estate commssion or magistrates office. They will be best suited to provide a definite answer. In regards to prorating the rent, they are not required to just becuase you decide to leave early even if it's month to month. Hopes this information helps.

Should I take my realtor's advice on pricing with a grain of salt?


As a seller it is natural to feel your home is worth just as much, if not more, than any like home in your area. The trust is it may not be. You mentioned your home is an 80s home and needs some work. Are the others in your area, particularly the ones that are selling, built in the 80s as well. Have the other homeowners made the necessary improvements to make their home more marketable. You have to approach selling your home like a business owner and take emotions out of it. At the end of the day all homes provide the same thing, shelter. But what is it that sets your home apart from the others. Good luck.