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Joe Corwin wrote:

Getting your license to sell Real Estate

I have seen it again and again... Many times the broker or office manager "sugarcoats" the real estate career and the new agent has too high of expectations of making money. Therefore they do not last long... Bottom line in my opinion is work ethic, determination and great customer service. Those qualities are critical to make it a success in my book... Most people do not treat it like a real job and get into it for the wrong reasons. I do think there is still great opportunities for new agents since many are no longer in the game... The cream always rises to the top....
December 02 2011


This is a rental home which at times appear to be the sales price.
June 26 2011

Pet Odors.....How much of a factor are they, if any, when marketing a property for sale?

Huge problem with selling homes. Especially right now with plenty of inventory. Many times with carpet, it needs to be replaced. The smells are din the padding and must be taken out. Those plug in fresheners can help some as well. Sellers need to know this issue and tackle the problem before putting it on the market if possible.
October 06 2010