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You are ahead of most buyers as you recognize the potential for conflict of interest with what the real estate industry calls 'dual agency', an agent who represents a buyer and whose firm represents the sellers for the home of the buyer's interest.  The smaller the area of real estate, the more potential for dual agency to occur. One way to find an exclusive buyer agent/agency, an agency that does not list properties but only represemts buyers, is to go to the National Association of Exclusive Buyers website ( At this website you will learn the differences between the types of buyer representation consumers should understand. This website will help you find an EBA in your area, give a list of interview questions to ask potential buyer agents during their interview with you, and help you to understand the level of service a buyer should expect and demand from a Real Estate Agent.As an EBA in the Triangle Area of North Carolina for 11 plus years, I am always surprised how consumers still do not know they have other choices than dual agency and can have a buyer agent whom only has a buyer's best interests in mind.Buying a home should be a wonderful and fun experience and having the right real etstate agent will give you that experience. You will not be disappointed by the NAEBA website. **  NAEBA.orgGood Luck!Barbara G