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If I wanted to invest $20million on real estate, who do I go to for advice?


Dimmy,  Hello.  Congrats on almost being done with your classes.  I am a real estate instructor at the Austin Institute of Realty, so I know the demands of getting your license and enduring through the 30 hour courses.  LOL...  Well, as far as investing and where you should start, I recommend coming up with an exit strategy first!  Investing is a lot like opening a business.  You should put together a plan similiar to a business plan.  What types of properties should you select?  Rentals? Flips?  What price point?  Do you want to build on lots, or renovate?  Again, whichever way you decide to go, you need an exit strategy for sure.  As you do not want to invest and have no way of getting out, if you find a better place to invest.  I have worked with many real estate invesstors, and as a broker/ owner of a real estate company, I can both teach and give you great advice o[contact info removed by moderator] , and learn how I can definitely help you learn more about real estate and even hold your license while you learn.  Keep in mind my company is different than others and we provide a large incentive for buyers to use our services.  As an investor it is important to be able to save in all places, even when you use a buyers agent.  Good luckGavin St.LouisBroker/OwnerBuy75

I am looking to purchase an income property. What is the best kind of loan to get?


KB$23,  Hello.  Excellent question.  I think the easiest and best way to invest in home, is by getting a home loan as compared to getting a business loan.  The first thing you should do is seek out a mortgage lender and discuss with them your credit, income and type of properties you plan to purchase.  I can recommend an expert in this field.  I think the market is ripe to do some flipping if you are a savvy investor.Keep in mind that we are a non-traditional type of real estate company with the best buyer rebate program in town.[Self-promotional content and contact information removed by Zillow moderator. Please see About Zillow Advice and our Good Neighbor Policy for guidelines]Happy House Hunting,Gavin St.LouisManaging Broker/OwnerBuyersHouseRealty

When will Zestimate (or at least county appraisals) be ready for Bexar County, Texas?


Matsons,Hello.  There is still a good reason to contact a realtor, as they have access to the local Tax records and recently SOLD data that is not part of Zillo, Trulia, or any other website.  If you have specific property addresses I can help you with any data you need to formulate an offer price or to see what your home value is. To answer your question, Zillow will not have the data you seek any time soon, as they DO NOT specialize in tax data or do they have access to the MLS SOLD data, the local MLS's protect this info like the holy grail.  lol[Self-promotional content and contact information removed by Zillow moderator. Please see About Zillow Advice and our Good Neighbor Policy for guidelines]House Hunting,Gavin St.LouisManaging Broker/OwnerBuyersHouseRealty

anyone know how long can we ask the builder to extend the contact for closing time?


Firsttimer,  Hello.  Congrats on your your new home.  Most builder contracts cover this very issue.  Ususally there are penalties that are incurred with each day the closing is extended.  Review your sales contract.  All builders are different so there is no standard.  Lastly if you do not close on your home, you will lose any monies in earnest that you have put down.  Good luck![Self-promotional content and contact information removed by Zillow moderator. Please see About Zillow Advice and our Good Neighbor Policy for guidelines]Regards,Gavin St.LouisManaging Broker/OwnerBuyersHouseRealty