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Listing agent will only allow us to submit offer through her & not our own agent


Blub blub has it all right in my opinion. As a principal broker who supervises 54 agents, I was extremely impressed with blub blub's explanation about short sales. Exactly right on target And I also agree that the agent who did not want to get involved, was only thinking of their own interests. Not the clients.

Is FIRPTA part of your Buyer Process?


In Arkasas FIRPTA is a part of our residential sales contracts. The closing agents are tasked with taking care of this. But ultimately the responsibility DOES fall back on the Broker. So I require our agents to maintain vigilance about this for sellers and buyers who are not citizens.. Some Buyers do eventually become sellers. We do this by asking for everyones drivers licnse copy at closing.

My wife and I put in an offer below the asking price. Seller said he wouldn't accept below a certain


I would suggest that your realtor should do a market analysis on this property. After looking this over you will know if the seller is overpriced. If so, wait a while and look for another choice. Perhaps the seller will come down, but more likely you will find another home that is perfect for you. If the analysis confirms that the seller is priced right, your realtor should be able to show you what the average percentage of list price has been for sold properties  in your area. Go from there if you reoffer.

Making an offer on a home?


I can NOT stress enough, that in a short sale, the listing price truly means very little. Neither the listing agent  nor the seller actually know what the bank will accept. So ...find a good realtor to work with and make an offer that is similar to the current market. Usually, but not always, you can bid up to 15% below the" normal" market. Expect to wait 3 to 4 months for an answer from the sellers mortgage holder and it may be a counter, and acceptance, or a rejection (no answer.)The one exception is a pre-approved short sale. You should offer the listed price and expect an answer in 10 days to two weeks.

Short Sale Frustration! Help!


Connie gave an excellent answer. Each state has its own rules for contracts. But the selling agent , the one who represented you, should know how to get the contract withdrawn. If not that agents Broker knows how. A common assumption is that thebank has the earnest money. But they are not the sellers. So check with your agents. Typically, in Arkansas a short sale takes at least 3 months and often 6 months to close.

When will we have the FHA appraisal results??


The previous answer about the time frame is very accurate. About a week. The value as Sharon pointed out will usually fall in line with a good realtors market analysis.The repairs for an FHA are slightly different than what a home inspector will find. FHA is concerned with health and hazard and maintenance of the structure. So Stairways needs a handrail? this comes under hazard. Mold? definitely under health. window exterior trim or fascia peeling. Maintenance. I know that you are nervous, but FHA appraiser is actually working for your benefit as much or more so than they are working for the banks benefit.

How important do you think it is to get Preapproved for a Mortgage?


For my buyers own benefit, I stress the importance of a pre-approval letter. I do not like to show houses without it. The last thing I want to happen is for a buyer to fall in love with a house , spend money on inspections, and appraisals, and then be completely crushed and disappointed when they do not qualify. Also I do explain that thispre-approval  letter gives the buyer a stronger negotiating stance, and reassures the sel ler that the buyer is serious.